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Music History For Kids And Teens

Music Appreciation Online Program

Eight 45-minute Zoom sessions

Available for kids starting 8 y.o.

Grouped by age. 


1. What Is It? 

It is an 8-week series of 45-minute group Zoom sessions (starting 8y.o., grouped by age) - with music listening, watching videos, learning and talking about composers, music genres, music history, with time for chatting, making jokes, performing, and more.

No music skills or musical instruments are required, just a device with the internet. 

2. What Are The Benefits?

It is beneficial in many ways: developing general musicality, raising the cultural level, socializing with peers, learning music literature and music history, understanding music better, and getting smarter.

It shapes children's outlook, sharpens the intellect, nurtures their culture, and improves creative skills.   

3. For Who?


"Fun Music World" group is for 8 - 12 y.o. curious children. 

"What Do You Know About Music?"  is for 13-17 y.o. students.

4. When?  

Saturday at 4:30 pm

Sunday at 4:30 pm

*Starts at the beginning of a month after the formation of a group.


5. How much?

$15 per session if paid fully ($120 for 8 sessions)

$17.5 per session if paid monthly ($70 for 4 sessions)

$7 per session additionally for a sibling.

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