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One-on-one Lessons (available in-person & online)

Piano, Vocal, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Guitar


One 30-min lesson - 36  

One 45-min lesson - 53.5                                    

One 60-min lesson - 72 


Piano Duet (2 Students; in-person)


One 40-min lesson - 28.5 per student


Piano Quartet (4 Students; in-person)


One 45-min lesson - 25.75 per student


a) Fees are charged monthly per number of scheduled lessons.

b) The late fee is 15 (if paid after the due date).

c) Lesson fees are adjusted on April 1st.

d) A service fee is added to each monthly payment: 3 for in-person lessons and 1.5 for online.

e) Annual registration fee (35) is paid in the month of registration. * Waived until 6/30/2024

f) Fees are non-refundable; however, paid classes can be transferred to another student.

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