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One-on-one Lessons (available in-person & online)

Piano, Vocal, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Guitar


One 30-min lesson - $36  

One 45-min lesson - $53.50                                    

One 60-min lesson - $72 


Piano Duet (2 Students; in-person)


One 40-min lesson - $28.50 per student


Piano Quartet (4 Students; in-person)


One 45-min lesson - $25.75 per student


* Fees are charged monthly per number of scheduled lessons.

** Late fee is $10 (if paid after the 7th).

*** Lesson fees are adjusted on April 1st.

**** Service fee is added to each monthly payment:
      $3 for in-person lessons
      $1.50 for online lessons 

***** A $35 annual registration is paid in September.  

****** The fees are non-refundable; however, paid classes can be transferred to another student.

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