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Learning music notation

Take music lessons with
Fantasia School of Music

  • Real Learning 

Our students learn a lot - through singing, playing an instrument, watching videos, rhythmic training, listening to music recordings, ear training, using music apps, completing the school levels, participating in workshops, taking music exams, and more. We genuinely care about our students' results and improvements.   

  • Having Fun

Our students have a lot of fun - recitals, online events, music video projects, festivals, competitions, masterclasses, watching music cartoons and videos together. 

  • Taking it seriously

For committed students interested in tracking their progress and extra music achievements, the Fantasia School of Music offers exam preparations. Our teachers can prepare students for the ABRSM exams, CM, and RCM. 

  • Achievements

Our students are participants and winners of different competitions and events, such as the Sonata-Sonatina Festival Competition, Winter Solo Festival Competition, Southern California Junior Bach Festival (MTAC Lakewood-Cerritos), The Korea Times Children’s Music Competition, Piano Marvel Challenges, and others. 

97% of our students taking music exams pass them with only "Good" or "Excellent" results.

  • Professional Teachers

Our teachers are qualified educators from great music schools. Many of them are active performers and members of music-teaching associations. Nevertheless, the school provides extra training for them - especially in using modern technologies to teach online. Jointly, they have taught over 500 students and spent approximately 100 000 hours on teaching. 

  • Safety and Trust 

Teachers of our school are required to have a background check - our students' safety and comfort are on top of our priorities. 

  • Cultural Enrichment

Our students and teachers are from all over the world, and it is amazing!

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