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Music History For Adults

Music In Our Life And History

Twelve 45-minute Zoom sessions

For Adults

Abstract woman hands playing music notes on dark background, music concept.jpg

1. What Is It? 

These online group sessions are about learning interesting facts and stories about different composers and music eras - from back in the day until now. Watching and discussing concerts, performances, music videos, listening to music (and not just hearing), and more. It is not about how to play a musical instrument but about music and hidden gems of it.  

No music skills or musical instruments are required, just a device with the internet. 

2. What Are The Benefits?

Listening to great music is beneficial in itself. Learning about music facts, history, literature is even better: it expands your horizons, raises your cultural level, helps you to understand the world of music better, and enjoy it more.  

3. For Who?


For adults having hobbies, interested in self-developing.

4. When?  

Saturday at 5:30 pm

*Starts at the beginning of a month after the formation of a group. 

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