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Do Online Lessons Even Work?

The best music schools and teachers worldwide have launched their online music programs and lessons a long time before the hectic events of 2020. Nevertheless, some will try to convince you that "they are bad" or at least "not the same" as in-person lessons. While the second statement is true, the first one is absolutely not. At least not about all online lessons.

If a teacher is against online education, they don't spend time on webinars, masterclasses, courses of online teaching and don't invest in their teaching equipment and software. They don't believe in it but do it because of the current circumstances until the moment passes. As a result, they are not quite aware of modern online teaching tools and programs. So, of course, in this case, online lessons are limited for teachers and their students.

On the other hand, some teachers know modern online teaching tools and combine progress with traditional music education methods. Teachers who not only teach but never stop learning themselves, who explore and experiment - those are the ones who have always been engines and innovators of education. And we have them. We work with them. We are proud of them. Our students and parents are happy with them.

Our mission is to make more changes, to show people that with a professional educator, well equipped for remote teaching, online music lessons can be (and should be!) as good as in-person. Different, but good. So if you are not sure what music lessons are like, you should try them! If you have had a bad experience with online music lessons before, try them with us, you will change your mind! If you are looking for online music lessons - sign up for ours! We teach without borders.

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