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What lesson tuition buys.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Do you find your lessons rate fair? Expensive? Inexpensive? What exactly do you get for your money: one lesson at a time? No, much more. There are at least 25 ways (we combined some items, either way, it would be too long) where your money goes when taking music lessons. And you even help this world to get a little better through our charity programs.

Check it yourself.

  • Time spent planning student lessons

  • Time spent on searching music books, and materials

  • Time spent on searching and testing music apps and software

  • Lesson time & communication time

  • Students' treats (sweets, stickers, etc.)

  • Teacher experience

  • Teacher formal education

  • Ongoing teacher professional development

  • Teacher salary

  • Teacher's travel to and from the studio (time, gas, car costs)

  • Curriculum development

  • Exam preparations

  • Planning student recitals and events

  • Musical instruments

  • Their care and maintenance

  • Music software and apps

  • Educational supplies

  • Open Music Class (free lessons for disadvantaged-family kids)

  • Club Vallarta (educational charity organization)

  • Rent

  • Power, phone, internet, etc.

  • Studio furniture, equipment, and cleaning

  • Taxes

  • Insurance costs

  • License & permits costs.

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