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When 13 is lucky

There are always personal reasons to take music lessons, but what about something common? Something that is the same for all? Well, there is a lot of that. After all, playing a musical instrument is not just about being musical; there are many reasons to do so. Today we are posting 13 of them. Which ones are yours?

1) Learning to play a musical instrument develops body coordination. For example, piano playing implies simultaneous muscle-work of fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, back, feet (for pedaling), eyes, ears, and, of course, the brain.

2) It is a known fact that playing musical instruments helps to improve math skills. No wonder many scholars and scientists play musical instruments. Einstein played the violin, for example.

3) Playing music produces coherence in the interaction of the two brain hemispheres. There are two origins when playing an instrument - mathematical, i.e., rhythm, meter, time (left hemisphere), and creative - images, fantasies, and stories (right hemisphere).

4) Obvious, but still - it develops musical hearing.

5) It enriches the inner world of our minds. Music is poetry, philosophy, painting in sounds, and much more.

6) It expands the horizons of a person's emotional sphere. Music is one of the most emotional among all kinds of arts.

7) It brings not only joy but also a sense of satisfaction from the complete work and the achievement of the cherished goal.

8) It reduces stress (a well-known fact).

9) It improves understanding of music, discovering nuances and aspects unknown to those not involved.

10) It teaches discipline. Expected results do not appear because the teacher will reveal some magical secrets to you, but because you will have to use your piano/violin/drums, etc., regularly.

11) It allocates one from the 'crowd.' How many of your friends can play a musical instrument? If you are not from a musical environment, then most likely, not too many people around you can't play violin or piano. It’s good to be the one who can.

Share of Americans who played musical instruments in the last 12 months in 2018, by age. (from

12) It raises one to a higher level in self-development. It feels nice to be able to do today something that you couldn't do yesterday. And if your teacher/school organizes performance events, then it improves even stronger.

13) It indicates that you are a successful person, as many people have many reasons or justifications for not doing something. Only those who manage everything can carry out their plans.

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