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Service fee for music lessons?

Many music and other school have a service fee. Yet, it can be confusing. What is a service fee? How is it different from the lesson tuition? Both are fair and commonly asked questions.

Lesson tuition pays for your lesson and much more. We know for sure at least 25 things you buy for your lesson fee. You can read about them in our previous post What lesson tuition buys.)

What about the service fee? There is plenty in there too.

  1. Administrative upkeep and software

  2. Day-to-day correspondence (emails, sms): scheduling, rescheduling, updates, answering questions, etc.

  3. Time spent on team meetings

  4. Time spent keeping accounts/records up-to-date

  5. Design costs & software: educational materials, posters, flyers, newsletters

  6. Web-management costs: website and social media platforms

  7. Accounting service and bookkeeper’s salary and

  8. Studio supplies

  9. Studio decor

  10. Printing costs

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